Who is Grant Gavin?

Grant is an Award-Winning Entrepreneur, International Speaker, and NLP Performance Coach, who’s mission is to inspire those around him to live a life of fulfilled potential. He does this by consistently practising his principles of servant leadership, giving back to his community, always investing in personal development, and ensuring that the success of his company is dependent on his ability to influence and motivate the success of others.


Using his personal experiences in business and coaching over the past 10 years, as well as his recent “made for TV” real-life experiences, Grant will surprise you with his relaxed, down-to-earth, yet entirely believable speaking style!  He delivers his lessons on sales, entrepreneurial success and personal development that have resulted in him achieving the highest levels of success in his own industry.

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Become The Best Possible Version Of Yourself

Success. By Design.

Award Winning Entrepreneur & International Speaker Grant Gavin will inspire you and your team by challenging your existing thought processes so that you can unlock your true potential in business and in life.


International Speaker

Grant captivates audiences around the globe with his engaging speaking style. He is an avid believer in the power of personal development and growth as a being the catalyst for success!


Performance Coach

Grant has had many coaches/mentors over the years and credits his success to the guidance he has received from experienced business minds who have guided him every time he jumped off the plane.


Inspiring Others

In 2015, Grant founded the Durban Entrepreneurs Club to provide a platform for Durban Entrepreneurs to meet in a semi-formal environment, so that they may network with and inspire one another.

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